BurdaStyle Chiffon Maxi Skirt

So now that I've finished my 3rd project on my own I've really learned a lot! I found the cool BurdaStyle project here and her skirt looks way better than mine, but it was fun and interesting to work with the chiffon fabric. Also the instructions were FREE from BurdaStyle so it was really nice to have. Although I am more of a visual learner so reading the instructions at a few points was very confusing.

Here is what I've learned this project:
1) How to use iron-on interfacing.

I didn't look when I bought the package of iron-on interfacing (apparently I need to read packages before I buy them) because it was a thin weight and I was wanting something a little more stiff to give the waistband some structure.

I altered the skirt waistband a little because I wanted the final size to be 2" so I added the seam allowance on each side as well.

2) How to put in an invisible zipper.

Close up of how the zipper foot works! Its awesome!
It was very scary at first but I was able to watch a few videos from YouTube on how to put in an invisible zipper and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Once you watch the videos you really get the visual as to how its supposed to be completed which helps. I don't know what I would do without videos I find online. I LOVED the invisible zipper foot! I completely recommend using one if you are going to attempt to put in an invisible zipper into your garments.

 3) That once you serge your side seams you CAN NOT let the seam out!

I thought everything was great because using the serger is so amazing! I got serge happy and went ahead and serged the side seams. Looking back I should have just used a baste stitch until I knew the size was correct by fitting it on myself or the Dress Form. The skirt turned out okay, but It got a little bunchy on the hips so I may just iron that down or tack it down to the lining so it isn't poofy.

Serging the lining to the chiffon fabric
Using my serger
 4) How to stitch in the ditch.

You can see the white stitches a little but they are hidden nicely when worn.
I wish I could grasp how to finish the inside of the waistband to the skirt. I feel like there is an easier way to make the seam look finished but I'm not really sure what that is yet. I may have to do some more research. I just folded in the lining from the waistband and then from the front of the skirt I "stitched in the ditch".

This was the finished waistband from the inside, which in the long run really doesn't matter cause you cant see it, but I hope to get better as I progress.

Final skirt :)

My next project will be a jersey knit dress! Soon to come :)