Butterick B5526 ~ Chambray Blouse

What happens when you start a project before the holidays? You end up not finishing it until a few months later....okay so I may have had days where I was fighting my sewing skills and not going into my sewing room because something wasn't turning out the way I wanted so I was boycotting my project...but otherwise we were super busy with family and having my husband to myself for school vacation was awesome. Now that school is back in session I hope to accomplish a few more projects.


I used Butterick pattern B5526 and option A. I really enjoyed this project even though I had to rip out a few seams after much trial and error. Cutting the pattern can sometimes be the hardest part. I started out thinking I needed a size 10 based on the pattern sizing instructions, but when I looked at the sizing on the pattern pieces themselves it looked like I needed a 6 so I went back and trimmed the pieces down.

The difficulties for me on this project where the collar stand (not the collar itself), the placket on the sleeve (bottom left pic above), the front pockets and the sleeves....which basically sounds like the whole shirt, lol. :) With my personality I like to create first and then check my work later which does NOT work well with sewing. Like for instance I put the pockets on and measured the distances from the top and side to make them even but I didn't actually see where they would sit on my bust! (See how they are high looking in the pic above) So in the end I had to lower both pockets which left small stitch lines on the shirt.

Watching Downton Abbey while sewing :)

I did enjoy this project overall because I've never attempted anything like this and now that I have I could probably work on a shirt like this again which I hope to do in the future. Another tough factor was this type of fabric really doesn't have a right and wrong side so that was a little challenging so maybe next time I will pick something with a clear right and wrong side to help clarify when cutting and sewing the pattern.

I loved my buttons that I picked out, but I'm thinking now that I should have used a thread that matches the button..not sure on that one. I used the button sewing foot on my sewing machine and that was FANTASTIC to sew the buttons on for the first time with a machine and not by hand!

Finished shirt above & below

Just like with anything that you create from scratch whether its a new dinner meal, a house project, or a sewing project YOU are your own worst critic. So in the end we need to learn to enjoy and appreciate our creation even if we feel it has flaws. :) 

My sweet husband loves my shirt and I am so thankful for a supportive man. 

Until the next project!