Nexus Tablet Zipper Cover

Although I really love to shop I might be starting to love sewing even more! After searching around for a cute tablet cover it seemed to me that it would be easy enough to make my own creation with colors and fabric to my liking.

I've seen many pouches, purses, makeup cases, and more just like this on the internet before and have seen some good tutorials out there so I knew it would be an easy attempt! With some leftover chambray fabric from the blouse that I am currently working on (should have the final product blog up soon) and from a skirt I made (the bow on the front) I cut the pieces based on the blog instructions here. I also had some batting from a quilt project I worked on previously and used that to add some cushion.

The only alterations I made from the blog were the size of the pieces. Since my tablet is 5"x8" I added a 5/8" seam allowance (which may have been to big) and then an extra 1/4" just in case I messed something up and made it too small. So my final cutting size was 6.5" by 9.5". I'm SUPER HORRIBLE at math by the way but sewing sure helps me work on my math skills!!

I was originally going to try and add some fun bling from some pearls and jewels I purchased a while back but decided against it since this is my first time. Once this one wears out and I get better at making them then hopefully I can get more creative!

Lastly I had a hard time understanding the final sewing process on the pouch so I had to watch a video to make sure I understood it. I watched this video here. I'm sure there are way better quality videos out there but this was the first one I stumbled upon so I used it. :)

~Final Product~

I am 80% happy with this! Of course as a seamstress (if that's what I would call myself) I am my own worst critic. I forgot to trim the corners and could have sewn the zipper at the top a little better.

I feel like I'm rambling, but its because I've finally completed a project and its been a while so it feels great!