Chevron Pallet Thread Holder

I'm so excited about sharing this post! After sewing for a while now my thread and bobbins were starting to bust out of my plastic container so I started searching for a few fun DIY ideas to create your own thread holder since the ones at JoAnn are about $20-$30 and only hold around 20 spools of thread.

Here are a few of the inspirations I found on other blogs while trying to come up with ideas.
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Craptastic Katie
I really loved all three of these ideas with the last one being my favorite. So I wanted to try and do this as cheap as possible. I was thinking of where I could find free or almost free wood and did some research. I decided that I would use a pallet since I've seen a ton of really fun wood pallet ideas on Pinterest.

I found in our town that the local college has a wood junk pile that anyone can take pallets or tree remnants to and its all FREE!! This was pallet heaven so my wonderful husband helped me choose the best one for this project.

Once we removed the back part of the pallet we saved the smaller wood strips (from the back) and screwed them into the front pieces to make it secure. I then sanded the wood and stained it. After the stain I put multiple coats of polyurethane to make it shine! We had the stain and shine cans from a previous wood project so that was awesome.

Now comes the hard was WAY harder to figure out how I wanted the chevron to look. I've seen blogs and posts talking about making a square and then marking your chevron from that, but this was a little harder because I wanted the chevron to go across 2 boards for a bigger look and all of the boards are close but not perfectly the same. So I just taped together a bunch of printer paper and started marking out my measurements with the help of my smart husband since math is not my strongest area. :) Then cut out the chevron and used painters tape to mark it in place.

I've seen a few really cool sewing rooms that have gold accent pieces so I was really excited to choose the color gold for my chevron! I bought some spray paint from Lowes for only $5 and went to town on my pallet. It was a wonderful day outside so it took less than an hour for each chevron to dry.

Here it is with all the chevrons and I was really happy with the results!

Then with painters tape I marked out where I wanted the nails to go. I purchased 3" nails from Lowes for $2. I wanted a longer nail so that I still had a long enough space for my thread and a bobbin to go either on top or underneath.

Final product and I love it! 

It will hold 54 spools of thread and if I really want to I could add more nails to the top and bottom row, but I figured I don't have enough thread to fill it out now so that will be down the line if I need it. Right now its just leaning against the wall but in the future we can definitely hang it once we live in a house that I can have a sewing room in. :)

From start to finish! Coming in at under $10 what a bargain!