Dolman T-Shirt

This was a fun (semi-quick) project that I'm really happy with. I found the original inspiration from this blog here. Recently I found this blog that I love too and she has a great easy version as well here. I've been wanting to branch out from skirts and try something different and out of my comfort zone. I found a great raspberry and cream lace jersey knit fabric at Hancock fabrics a while ago with plans to make a shirt with it.


I used parchment paper for to create this pattern

Had to tape on the sleeves since the paper wasn't that wide.

I used parchment paper to create this pattern because we had it lying around the house and we never use it. :) The only thing was I needed to add some extra pieces to the sleeves since the paper wasn't wide enough, but it worked out well to do that. I just found one of my comfortable t-shirts to get the measurements from for the neck, sleeves, etc. Except for this one I wanted it to be a longer length shirt similar to a tunic that you could wear leggings with so I just added some extra length.

Cutting the fabric. I made sure the lines were identical on both sides.

Pinned and ready to sew!

Basted the pieces together.

After I cut the fabric I decided to just baste the shirt together to make sure the size was correct. After I put it on I realized that I needed more room in the buttox (lol) area because it was a little tight. So my idea was to just add a contrasting panel on the bottom half of the shirt. Took a while to get right, but it was fun to do to challenge myself.

Pieces added to the side seams.


Sewn and serged!

Then after I added the side pieces I thought it would be fun to add contrasting end panels to the sleeves. I also ended up cutting my sleeve length about 2 inches before adding the new panel.

Measured around sleeve and doubled the size

The piece I cut for the sleeve.

Sew the ends together with right sides together.

Then fold and just slip the sleeve inside and pin.


Sew close to the inside to make sure you grab the sleeve.

Then with the neck I wanted to try doing this (I want to do this someday thought) but that didn't work the way I really planned since this is more of a boat neck style. So I ended up just rolling the hem in a few times and sewing which turned out to be a bit easier.

Measured the neckband for the original idea, but changed my mind.

Rolled hem at neckline.

Finally put the finished product on and I was pretty happy. :) I may make another one of these but easier and without the side panels. I just need to angle out the bottom of the pattern more when I make it next time.

You can see the side panel I added. Turned out nice!

Fits comfortably!
Sorry for the horrible quality photos. I think I'm going to put a new camera on my Christmas list!
Happy Sewing

Consignment Dress Refashioning

These projects were fun! Taking something that I found at Target (sadly at regular price, but its awesome see that post here) and at The Loft (a consignment store in Ames). I loved both pieces but had small little tweaks that I wanted to do to them.

Little black dress from The Loft
only $13 (Guess Brand)

It fit really well and I love that it isnt a v-neck top, but still very flattering. As you can see it had white fabric pieces under the bust that were a little worn and discolored. I wanted the dress to look a little more sharp or dressy. I took off the white pieces and the buttons (saved the buttons cause they are in good shape) with a seam ripper which was easy enough. Then I went to JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby looking for a fun gold button to replace the old one.

I found my favorite buttons from Hobby Lobby surprisingly and had a hard time deciding on a small all gold button and a bigger gold/black button. I chose the bigger button since it had big buttons on it previously.

Another view of my 2 button options

The final look! It was fun changing the little details on this dress because now it feels more like a simple yet classy black dress instead of a "teen" looking black dress. I've already worn it and its super comfortable. I may use the top of this dress as a pattern for other tops because it fits so well. The other great thing about updating the buttons is that in a few years if I want to change it again I can just remove the buttons!

Happy Refashioning! :)

Target Maxi Dress Refashioning

I purchased this dress from Target with the intention to fix it up. I bought a medium which was a little bigger at the top but had the length that I loved! The size small was pretty tight and not as long. So even though I bought it at full price I know that it will be a piece that I will wear again and again!

Before Target Dress

As you can see the top was a little baggy in the front and back. It also had a halter top and I really like regular straps. So I measured the straps and sewed them to the back. I also took it in an inch on both sides to tighten the back so it wasn't loose.

Measured distance between my bra straps and mirrored that

Took it in an inch on both sides
Afterwards it fit MUCH better and I felt very comfortable with the new straps. With the regular straps it looks more like a normal black dress instead of a casual beach dress.

The other thing I recommend to EVERYONE no matter what size you are is to purchase a pair of Super Higher Power Spanx!! They make a huge difference and really help you feel more beautiful. It just pulls you in and smooths all our lovely curves particularly in the belly and butt area. It also helps you feel comfortable in your own skin no matter what your size. I think everyone that owns a maxi dress should own a pair of Spanx. If you live in Ames go buy them from Pure Bridal!

Final with Spanx

Final with Spanx
Since my dress is black its kind of hard to see but I felt amazing and super secure! If you need more persuasion check out the video here of before and afters. Its amazing the difference!

Happy Refashioning!