T-Shirt Maxi Dress

Oh the weather outside is...WARMING UP! For me that means back to sewing fun summer/fall dresses and skirts. For as much as I've sewn in the last year I've come to realize those are my favorite things to make so far.

Recently I came across a tutorial on one of my favorite bloggers websites. She created a t-shirt maxi dress. So essentially its a t-shirt from your closet attached to a maxi skirt. In my case I had a favorite white Gap t-shirt that had some small stain at the bottom of the hem which was perfect for this dress! Then I had a large amount of black knit jersey material that I had purchased a while ago at the last sale from JoAnn Fabric.

Click on the picture for her tutorial

Here are the simple steps:

1. Choose your t-shirt you want to use. I would suggest one that isn't super fitted. Then cut the shirt 3 or 4 inches from the hem or even more depending on how long your shirt is. I just put the shirt on me and put a pin a few inches below where I wanted the skirt to sit.

2. Cut the jersey material. I used the exact measurements from MerricsArt tutorial, but it ended up being to long for me so I had to trim a few inches off before hemming  So just measure the length from your waist to your feet then add a few inches for the hems. Also you don't have to but I also made POCKETS for this skirt!! Check out the pocket tutorial here. It rocks and its another great blog that I follow!!

3. Once you have it cut sew the pieces together or I HIGHLY recommend serging the skirt together if you have access to one.

4. Sew the t-shirt to the skirt. I had to gather my skirt a little bit first (by sewing a long stitch and pulling) because it was wider than the base of my t-shirt. Then sew another stitch a little bit away from your first stitch so that you have room to insert the elastic band. Be sure to leave a space somewhere so you can insert the elastic.

5. Insert the elastic band into the skirt slot (between the stitches that you just created). I used a similar size to the one she used in her tutorial. I wrapped the elastic around my waist and then pulled it tight (not too tight) so that I could feel how tight it would be on me. Then you cut it to that length, put a pin in one of the ends and feed it through. Once its all the way fed through you sew the ends together and close the hole between your stitches.

**Step 5 is probably the part that I would change. If I create another one of these I would make the skirt with the elastic band, then once I have that I would sew the t-shirt to the skirt.**

6. Hem the skirt and you are DONE!

Here is my final product. Super comfortable and awesome.

One of my biggest pet peeves with maxi skirts is your t-shirt moving or bunching up under your skirt at the waistband...well this dress DOES NOT do that! It rocks.

Until next time