Hair Trials

As I've stated before my favorite new website is and it rocks!! You can find all sorts of new, fun, creative ideas on the website. I've recently been craving to try new things with my hair and there have been a ton of cute ideas on Pinterest from, braids, no heat curls, sock buns, cute updos and a ton of other things. My hair is starting to get very long and will probably just get longer. I'm also not very good with making my hair look cute so it typically just goes up into a ponytail. I haven't done very much with my hair with cutting or coloring because I'm trying to save money and cut back on my hair appointments which would typically for most girls cost around $150 a session and if you do that once every quarter then you've spent almost $600 on your hair and thats money that could go towards debt or something else more meaningful in your life. Not that your hair isnt important but finding my new freedom in Christ I know that its not about what other people think of me because I know that all my friends, family, and God would love me just the same even if I lost all my hair.

So I definitely don't want people to stop getting their hair done because getting pampered is super amazing and worth it sometimes. The things that I'm wanting to try are different ways to curl my hair or wake up and have my hair already done. So the two things I tried recently are the no heat curls first with the headband method and second with the sock bun. Here is some semi-scary pictures of me as I documented my trials :)

 Here is the video for the first method that I found on Pinterest/YouTube

 My Trial
My hair the night before.

Taking it out the morning after! I had some MAJOR curls because I used thin strips of hair. I'll have to remember to grab bigger chunks next time. I possibly could have done something with this but I choose to just wash it out and go to work with wet hair. :) Oh well.

Hair trial 2 - The Sock Bun:
Method came from this video - 
Night before:

 I've rolled my hair into a sock and the hair isnt covering the whole sock but I read somewhere that its ok that way (this is my second attempt at this since my first turned out a little frizzy and strange). I love this method by the way because its so comfortable to sleep in since my long hair can get tangled and annoying sometimes during the night.
 It turned out fairly good and curly but I'm going to give it another try.
The curls didnt last too long in my hair since my hair is very thin so I might need to wet my hair more before I put it in the sock or use some products in it the night before.

I guess if at first you don't succeed try try again :)

Relaxation and Apple Pie

So this weekend was wonderful! We didnt have anything planned or scheduled so Saturday we were able just to relax at home and catch up with some much needed cleaning, organizing and just good old sitting on the couch and watching tv (We got rid of our cable by the way and its awesome not having it!!) We went to see our friends new baby Georgia Lou and she is such a cutie pie. Then we had a date night and went to dinner!

Then today was wonderful as well. We went to church and enjoyed Josh's sermon on how demons can so easily get into your life by addictions and even when things are going well. The devil always seems to break you down or mess up your happiness. Then we went to Sam's Club which I haven't been there since I was young and it was so much fun getting to sample all the food in every isle. I think we had hot cider, spiced sausage, a corn dog and a piece of pizza. :) You can really eat lunch or dinner there if you wanted! I got so excited because there must be some sort of addiction with buying things in bulk. I found some awesome home made Amish noodles in a huge bag so we bought those and tons of other random items and normal things like detergent.

So I've been super obsessed with the most amazing website ever called Pinterest and it is so much fun to just browse the photos and ideas! I've found a ton of neat dinner ideas, hair ideas, and DIY ideas. Tonight for dinner I cooked chicken and rice (moms classic recipe) with a new corn casserole recipe that I found from Pinterest. I thought it was really good although for some reason my consistency didnt look quite as fluffy as the recipe picture. Travis loved it of course, but I think he is pretty easy to please. Plus I'm my harshest critique Here is my finished corn casserole:

I also wanted to make an apple pie so I found a recipe from Betty Crocker that seemed pretty easy. It was fun to make but my lattice work definitely need some perfecting since this was the first time I've ever mad a pie and pumpkin pie doesn't count since its so easy. In the end it was pretty good but I felt like it needed a little more moisture or juice in the middle it was a little dry but still tasted pretty good. I felt like documenting my process since it was my first time! :)

 Getting all my items ready
 Had fun mixing the filling (maybe it needed more sugar or something)
 Making the semi-complicated lattice work
 Finished product (some of my lattice pieces broke and my edges are super ugly) 
I need to work on the details.

Here is where I got the recipe in case your interested: (their pie looks way better)

It's Official!

Even though the title suggests that something super exciting has changed in my life, I assure you that things are still happy and the same. What is exciting is that THIS is my first official blog post! Yipee!! I'm still not 100% sure how all of this works but I am ready to share in the fun of blogging. I hope to share my joys, fears, and sorrows and just anything that comes to mind. I love to cook, bake, create, sew, read, attend church (and help with the children), relax, play with our dog, spend time with my husband and much more (not exactly in that order of course). I find that I am an old lady at heart and wish life was a little more simple with not so much technology (even though I'm being hypocritical and creating a blog, lol). If I could move to Montana and live in the middle of nowhere with a bible, my husband, and our dog and not worry about money I would in a heartbeat. I imagine the view from our ranch looking something like this:

Or this:

But as of right now I feel pretty confident since Travis wants to work with cattle that I'm hoping to be on a farm in Iowa close to family so at least maybe I will get that country landscape with beautiful green grass. Just without the amazing mountains in the background. :) Its funny how certain things in life can change you. I went from wanting to have a super high profile career wanting to work on the 60th floor of a Chicago high rise building to wanting the peace and serenity of living on a farm with my husband and (hopefully) many children. I think its the freedom that comes with knowing God is my savior that I don't have to live up to the worldly expectations people have. I can be myself!

As my "about me" states I've been through some rough times in life mostly when it comes to love and relationships, but with amazing friends, family, and coming to know Christ I wouldn't be the woman that I am today. I would love to mentor young women someday about love and relationships and what I've been through, but I'm just waiting for God to show me the way for that opportunity to arise. I'm also in the Air National Guard and work at the medical unit as an Optometry Technician once a month. I am very blessed to have a full-time job out of college since so many people are struggling right now. I work at an apparel and paper printing company and although it has its ups and downs I do enjoy working for a small company that has room for growth and change. I think I am still adjusting to the full-time world and realizing that work is not perfect and things don't change in an instant.

I hope that you enjoy my posts and I pray that sharing my life will reach other people and give them a small glimpse into my super simple (some may call boring) world. :)