Monogram Fall Wreath

I've seen this type of wreath all over Pinterest lately and it was on my list of "to do's". I've been wanting to add a little bit of fall decor to our home because fall is my all time favorite season!

Here are a few that I used for directions and inspiration.

Link Here

So I really wanted to use a V in the wreath somewhere. Even though for some crazy reason it is super hard to find a V anywhere. They either dont make very many of them or there are a ton of people with the last name starting with a V. :)  I decided that the jute wreath has a fun look for fall. Plus I still have a ton left over to use for another project.

Fall Bundle w/Pumpkin - $2.99 (it was 40% off at Hobby Lobby)
Fall Leaf Stalk - $2.08 (also 40% off at Hobby Lobby)
Simple Wreath - $3.99
Jute Twine - $2.99
Cardboard V - $2.47
Ribbon - $2.39
TOTAL = $16.91
An Awesome Personal Wreath all for under $20
*Plus I have tons of leftover ribbon and twine!
First I started winding the jute twine vertically and secured it in multiple spots with my hot glue gun. Once you've completed it vertically start on it horizontally. I had a few spots where I wasnt paying very good attention and needed to unwind it, but when I payed attention in the end it turned out great! Once that was completed I wrapped the wreath with ribbon and secured my floral pieces onto the wreath with the twine. The most time consuming part was the V.
Final on the door

Final inside on my wall
Now the only decision to make is where to hang it! I originally wanted it on the door but I almost think I will keep it inside so I can see it more often. :)
Thank You Pinterest

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