Climbing The Blog Mountain!

That's right!! I am tackling the huge mountain that I like to call BLOGS. :) Its one thing to just have a simple blog, but I want more! I see all these other blogs out there with cool things so I've been doing some research and trying to navigate my way in the blogging world with all the new lingo. It can be frustrating at times but so far it has been fun and exciting.

I added a cool red sewing button favicon!! (new word added to my brain dictionary)
Although I wish I had better design software so I can make the button round and get rid of the blue background. Maybe I will enlist the help of a designer I know. Since I'm sure they would have nothing better to do than help me with a super meaningless task for my blog....

It really helps that there are some sites out there that want to help you in creating the look of your blog. The sites I came across that I thought were helpful and cute where:

 - Shabby Blogs (where I got my background)
 - The Cutest Blog On The Block

This was really fun trying to create the look and feel that I want for my blog. I will however, have to warn you right now that since I have creative ADHD (if there is such a thing) I will more than likely have a new background and layout in a couple of months. :)

I also added my new "About Me" page so check it out and tell me what you think!!

My future goal is to have a better URL than my name but "Sew Worthy" is already taken....Maybe someday I will pay the money to have my own URL and come up with a smashing name for it. :)

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