Past Accomplishments

So far in the past year I've made 2 baby quilts for the cutest babies in the world, a dress with the help of my mom, and a super hero She-Ra costume for a Prom held in town. Here are a few pictures of what I've created and this far :) Enjoy!

Baby Quilts

The girls quilt. My friends I made this for have a "punk" side to them so I loved the skull patch I found with purple hearts!!
Finished girls quilt with the skulls bias binding around the edges (hand sewn by the way) :)
Front of the boys quilt. For this quilt I actually used an iron in batting in between the layers so it made it a little more stiff than the girls quilt. Not sure if I would use the iron in batting again.
Back of the boys quilt (fleece material)
One of the amazingly cute babies (note my quilt below). He is such a doll!!

First Dress
 Made from the pattern McCalls Easy M6201 (option A)
Cutting out the pattern with my moms help

Final Dress! 
Sorry about the horrible resolution photos. 
Not sure why they were so bad.

She-Ra Costume
 I used this McCalls pattern 6349 for the dress and just tried to fandagle a sweetheart neckline myself which was pretty hard, but worked out for the most part.

 Final Outfit
I'm not super thrilled with how it turned out but I used some leftover fabric from the wedding that was satin and it would have probably been way easier if I would have just purchased some stretchy material. Oh well, I saved some money!

As you can tell I am a complete NOVICE so far and dont have very much experience. I cant wait to create some better quality pieces and take some nicer photos. :) JoAnn has a $0.99 pattern sale going on this weekend so I look forward to finding my next project soon.

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