Consignment Dress Refashioning

These projects were fun! Taking something that I found at Target (sadly at regular price, but its awesome see that post here) and at The Loft (a consignment store in Ames). I loved both pieces but had small little tweaks that I wanted to do to them.

Little black dress from The Loft
only $13 (Guess Brand)

It fit really well and I love that it isnt a v-neck top, but still very flattering. As you can see it had white fabric pieces under the bust that were a little worn and discolored. I wanted the dress to look a little more sharp or dressy. I took off the white pieces and the buttons (saved the buttons cause they are in good shape) with a seam ripper which was easy enough. Then I went to JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby looking for a fun gold button to replace the old one.

I found my favorite buttons from Hobby Lobby surprisingly and had a hard time deciding on a small all gold button and a bigger gold/black button. I chose the bigger button since it had big buttons on it previously.

Another view of my 2 button options

The final look! It was fun changing the little details on this dress because now it feels more like a simple yet classy black dress instead of a "teen" looking black dress. I've already worn it and its super comfortable. I may use the top of this dress as a pattern for other tops because it fits so well. The other great thing about updating the buttons is that in a few years if I want to change it again I can just remove the buttons!

Happy Refashioning! :)

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