Dress Form Diva

Yippee! Isn't she hot! On my doorstep a few days ago was a SINGER dress form!!! It was on my wish list as I continue to progress and enjoy my projects. I have amazing parents and my DAD (yep I said that right) thought I needed a good tool to grow in my sewing. My dad is all about tools. :)

Thanks Dad!
I know I just said that I have a new workspace, but now I have an even NEWER workspace. My husband game me the approval to revamp our back bedroom into my project area!!

Gotta love the husband touches :) 
(Cowboys trash can and Iowa State Flag)

I've been working on the Butterick dress B5734 and so far I've completed the top and the skirt and my next step is to sew the skirt to the top. I've learned some new terms like baste, staystich, and understitching. Understitching is the coolest thing I've learned so far because it make the finishing look great and once you press the seam it doesn't roll. I did however have to youtube how to do the understitch and I found a great simple video that was wonderful in explaining how it works.

The hardest part was sewing around the center in the v-neck

I'm so excited to finish this dress project and continue learning. Its pretty hard since I have a full-time job so I try find time when I can. :) Lastly it's been SO warm in Iowa that I saved some money to purchase a patio lounger! One of the awesome old-school plastic ones to soak up the sun when I have time.

It was only $22 at Target

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