A Place To Call My Own

While browsing the new target ad, like I usually do on Sundays, I found an awesome deal for a 6 foot folding table! What a perfect table for me to use for my sewing. Plus I can fold it up when I'm not doing a project. Since right now all I use is our cute little kitchen table which is super tiny :) Now I can finally lay out the whole length of fabric so I can pin and cut.

Check out the deal on Page 14 of this weeks ad
I officially have a place of my own and now I can move from the kitchen.....to the living room :) It might not be ideal (since we live in a trailer) but it sure feels super awesome to have the space. Thanks Hubby!!

I was told by many people that since I chose a linen (100% cotton) material that I should wash the fabric before I start sewing with it so that it shrinks first. Instead of shrinking after I have the nice dress all put together. That was my goal today and I also cut out all the pattern pieces for the dress. There were 10 total pieces which may seem like a lot for a "simple" dress but I think since it has pockets that could be why. I need to do a little more research on what the important symbols are to trace onto my fabric. I did some chatting with my mom today and there are a lot of circles and points where I should trace. That will be my next step once I pin my patterns on.

Also I've been frustrated with the fact that most patterns only start a size 6, until I realized that it may actually be the "true" sizing that women should have had or at least did at one point in time until those crazy/smart marketers (yep that's what I got my degree in) decided to tell people they are fitting into a size 4 when that might actually be a size 6. The measurements above are the bust measurements on my dress which seem fairly normal or strange depending on how you look at it. :)

Lastly I went to the mall today and was sucked in by the amazing smells coming from Bath & Body Works! Somehow I came out of there with 5 new hand soaps that smell delicious. :) I recommend the ones I bought below.

All I can say is YUM!

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