Fabric Mania!

So after a long weekend of guard I was still able to take part in the $0.99 Butterick pattern sale at JoAnn's and found some good patterns that I'm hoping to try out. I had a list of around 10 patterns I wanted but I realized that 1) they would probably have another sale and 2) that would be super crazy to buy that many patterns. I narrowed it down to a few dresses and that's what I've decided to start with.

(left to right) Butterick B5489, B5640, and B5734
I'm really excited and hope that I can pull this off :) My goal is to start with the B5734 first and I am going to choose option A which is the girl on the left in the flower dress.

The most overwhelming part so far has been choosing which fabric to work with. On the back of the patterns they tell you the suggested fabric you should use and this one said "Faille, Crepe, and Stable Knits". All of which I have never heard of except for maybe the knit fabric but didn't know what stable meant. Thanks to Google and a book I found at Half Price Books I was able to at least find the definition. Searching in JoAnn was at first very overwhelming since I had no idea what I was really looking for and their signs aren't the best. Anyway after asking around I decided to go with a linen fabric because its 100% cotton and wont have any stretch to it which can sometimes be hard to work with (I hear). Plus most of the cute fashion fabics at JoAnns were the linen and cotton materials. So I finally broke down and just picked a fabric knowing that this will be my first project on my own and could be a disaster. :)

Hopefully I can get started on cutting out the pattern this week. The white fabric is just a apparel lining fabric that was 100% polyester (JoAnn actually had an aisle that said "apparel lining" so that was the easy part) I also bought some much needed sewing staples that I realized I didn't have.

A tape measure (using the one from your husbands tool box doesn't work quite the same), more bobbin cases since you cant have too many of these, a sewing gauge for when you need to hem the bottom and you want to make sure you are cutting the correct amount all around, and a tracing wheel to mark the darts and important points from your pattern. Other important things needed for dress making are tracing paper so you can mark the darts onto your fabric, pins, and good fabric scissors (i.e. scissors that you haven't used to cut food or sticky things) lol :)

So I should be set to get started! I'm going to pray for patience that I don't get frustrated and want to quit. I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength....even if it is just sewing a dress.

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